Hello Domain of One’s Own

Think I’ve figured out this subdomain and subdirectory distinction finally. I decided to keep my blog separate from the  main domain site, at least until I have a clearer idea of what I intend to do with that site for #umwdomains ..

A word about the title I chose for this blogging site: «Bosquejos». Here are the definitions from the Real Academia Española website:

(De bosque).
1. m. Traza primera y no definitiva de una obra pictórica, y en general de cualquier producción del ingenio.
2. m. Idea vaga de algo.

en ~.
1. loc. adj. No perfeccionado, no concluido.

I like the title Bosquejos for many reasons. First, it comes from the word «bosque» or «forest» and I certainly feel like I’m entering a dense forest here–both exciting and scary at the same time. It can mean a sketch, either visual or of «any product of ingenuity» and I hope to be sketching out some interesting ideas at least.  The second definition–«a vague idea of something» is certainly what I’ll be posting here. Lastly, the associations with the last definition listed «not perfected, not concluded» is an apt description of a blog I think. That and «Bosquejo» begins with «b», like «blog».

The header picture is a photo I took of the entrance to a walled garden in Salamanca, Spain, where fictional hero Calisto might have met Melibea in the early Renaissance work The Celestina.  You can see where the star-crossed lovers might have fallen for each other, and how they could have fallen to their deaths from this hilltop garden that overlooks the Tormes River. I took my URES students there last May and it certainly sparked our imaginations! Hopefully my leap in the Faculty Initiative will have a much better end than for the poor young lovers!

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