The «pedagogy of abundance» Newt style??

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Newt Gingrich is thinking about some of the same things we are, and he’s optimistic about the same sort of «abundance» model Weller metions in Chapter 8–that is in the style of Google’s Sebastian Thrun!

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So what does it mean when politicians see this free, open-to-all-model as the future? Of course Gingrich is somewhat of an academic himself, so he believes he speaks with authority, not just as the typical politician. But the worlds of politics and academics are coming into conflict more than ever, regardless the party–President Obama’s SOTU is further evidence of this,(Chronicle of Higher Education «Obama’s Accreditation Proposals Surprise Higher- Education Leaders«) . I agree with Weller that the scarcity model of education might be coming to an end, but what do we need to consider as we academics (hopefully) help shape the abundance model? And where do the liberal arts fit? Where does a small institution like Mary Washington fit?

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