Don Quixote and (Digital) Identity

I just had a great first day of classes!! I’m teaching two courses this semester–one I teach every semester, but love it every time (Spanish 323, Introducción a la literatura española), and the other is a brand new first-year seminar I’m calling «Digital Don Quixote» which will using the novel as a springboard into digital studies and digital humanities. Today we started the beginnings of a discussion of identity. Here’s the prezi I used to start that discussion today:

On it, I shared my various identities to the world–some very purposefully created (my professional domain, or my twitter account), some created for me (my son’s «Mom» Mii), and some I might not have created with as much forethought, but that I created then nonetheless (Facebook). Don Quixote created his identity, and we are still creating identities for him as new generations and groups give the novel fresh perspectives. We’ll be thinking more deeply about this all semester: Don Quixote’s identities and our own–what are they, how are they determined, who determined them, and how do/can they change?

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